2001 Event

The first “Unsung Heroes of Compassion” event was held on May 16, 2001 in San Jose, California.

Fifty-one honorees from around the world were recognized for their compassion and selfless service to others.  Each was offered a blessing by His Holiness the Dalai Lama who teaches that the greatest degree of inner tranquility comes from the development of love and compassion.

The Dalai Lama offered a teaching to all those present for the event. He said, “The more we care for the happiness of others, the greater our own sense of well-being becomes. Cultivating a close, warm-hearted feeling for others automatically puts the mind at ease. This helps remove whatever fears or insecurities we may have and gives us the strength to cope with any obstacles we encounter. It is the ultimate source of success in life.”

Guest Presenters:
Howard Cutler
Jack Kornfield
Sharon Stone
Robert Thurman

Audio/Video Support:
George Rosenfeld

Event Advisor:
Kath Delaney

Event Production:
The Trillium Creations
Matt Hrdlicka
Don Riedel
Matt Woodson
Swank Audio Visuals
Ted Hennings

Cultural Presentations:
Bay Area Children of Tibet

Niki Smith
Open Secret
Tibetan Association of Northern California
Tibetan Culture House

Birgit Wick

Event Friends and Volunteers:
Alper & McCulloch, Attorneys
Ethan Benjamani
Peter Coyote
Julie Donovan
Adam Engle
Martha Ley
Sherri Phillips
Diana Stark

Event Management:
Arlene DeVries-Eige
Elizabeth Share

 Grace Family Vineyards:
Ann Grace
Harriett Holliday

Wendy Johnson
Mayumi Oda

Honoree Audio Montage:
Pepino D’Agostino
Ford James

Michael Collopy
Asa Mathat

Printing and Mailing:
American Business Communications
Janet Herrero

Program Text:
Elizabeth Share

Public Relations:
Hill & Knowlton
Kevin Elliott
Janette Kennedy
Katie Wilson

Third Eye Travel
Usha Lama

Web Design and Audio Recording:
eMotions Studios
Michael Becker
Glen Janssens
Erik Johnson
Paul Lundahl

Commemorative Book:
Jeb Barton
Parallax Press
Khenpo Tsewang Dongyal Rinpoche
Khenchen Palden Sherab Rinpoche
Robert Beer
Cyndy Hall
Randall Hayward
Karen Malik
Kari Mohr
Michael Stevens
Jim Taylor
Lauren Watts
Cynthia Wheeler

Wisdom in Action Board of Directors:
Dick Grace
Dean Alper
Tenzin Tethong