Quotes from honorees and guests

“It was very inspiring, spiritually touching and awesome, one of the most memorable events I’ve ever been to. I have never come across so many people with so much of selfless compassion that are making a difference individually to make our world a better place. I thank all the people at ‘Wisdom in Action’ for hosting a truly deserving recognition event for all the honorees. I would like to say special thanks to you for making my dream come true.”
With deepest gratitude,
Jean Gale – 2009 Guest

“The glow continues, the magic increases and I am doing my best to spread the wealth. It was such an honor to meet each one of you and be in your company.”
With love,

Lennie Kronisch – 2009 Honoree

“Thank you so much for honoring my mother at yesterday’s event with the Dalai Lama. It was a tremendous recognition of her work, and I know that as A Buddhist it was truly a highlight of her life to receive a personal Blessing from His Holiness.”
Warmest Regards,
Robert Kronisch – 2009 Guest

How to thank you all for these days???  You have made it possible for all of us to be together and to receive this blessing from H.H. Dalai Lama and to be so honored by you, Dick and all the guests who were there.  It was overwhelming. It’s like a dream…Thank you Christine for all you have done over this past year to make this possible.  I wish that everyone I know could experience this..to have all the love and appreciation bestowed on them for what each and everyone does everyday for others.”
Thank You,
Anna Howe – 2009 Honoree

 “Thank you Elizabeth for your kindness and your commitment. I would like to acknowledge my gratitude toward Wisdom in Action and you to have given me this wonderful opportunity to meet such remarkable people.”
Wesler Lambert – 2009 Honoree

“I cannot wait to see the video! I feel like I was in the clouds during the actual event so it will be nice to re-live the day, 
thank you 
kindest regards”
Alejandra Olguin – 2009 Honoree

“Many thanks to all of you for the wonderful occasion – I am still reeling!”
Julie Clemence – 2009 Honoree

“I have so many things to say to you and the whole event team. So many thanks. So many nice experiences to reflect on…so many things that you all did to give us such a wonderful and rare experience.”
Lucy Needham – 2009 Honoree

“I wanted to THANK YOU SO MUCH for a job well done with the production of this year’s Unsung Heroes of Compassion awards! Dr. Cynthia Maung, her assistant Ethaw, myself and the Burmese community were THRILLED that she received such recognition. The connection made with His Holiness the Dalai Lama will ring a bell to be heard around the world. Thanks again for all your hard work.”

George C. Berticevich – 2009 Guest

“All you folks are marvelous examples of the quiet warriors that the world needs more of. If I can be of any help, do not hesitate to ask. As we used to say in my old profession when the highest levels of excellence had been achieved ” well done!!”
Bill Phillips – 2009 Guest

“Your work is truly inspiring and I feel blessed to have had the opportunity to spend time with you, Elizabeth, and Christine -the other volunteers, and of course HHDL and the amazing honorees. The whole day was an incredible success on every level. 
Please let me know if I can ever be of service to you in the future.
Warmest blessings,

Susan Skornika – 2009 Volunteer